👑TEAR Ⅲ (Future)

...a vision for the future of $TEAR

What does the future hold? 🔮 ...It's hard to see through the haze, but now with all of you onboard the smoke suddenly begins to clear up. We have always dreamt of and envisioned creating an online platform, with decentralized technology and AI on the horizon we all feel the need to really secure a place in the future, and Descend Online is that space.

A future fit for Kings & Queens Should we introduce V3, the tokenomics of TEAR Ⅱ will remain the same. So you're safe to diamond hand your $TEAR.

However, our fate rests in your hands. It is much too early to predict the chaotic nature of life, but with enough interest we promise to build a game we have always wanted to build, a genuine passion project.

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