🗝️TEAR Ⅰ (Past)

...a look at the origins of $TEAR


TEAR began as a non-transferrable ERC20 utility token used solely within Descend. It was used to enter the dungeon, and also to buy items in the $TEAR Store.

TEAR was obtainable through burning other NFT projects integrated tokens (including $SLIME, $PIXL & $FRG) and also buy purchasing it using ETH. The burn has since been closed off and was done to provide early supporters a way forward. TEAR-V1 utilized an off-chain database solution to minimise gas costs for the user. Every purchase or earning of $TEAR was off-chain and did not reflect on an Ethereum Wallet. We further kept this solution as we did not have any alternative solutions to reducing gas costs. L2 infrastructure was not very popular at the time and liquidity on them was not as present.

Content creators have made videos on us in the past, which can be found on the Discord in the gameplay section.

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