🔑TEAR Ⅱ (Now)

...the current $TEAR token

The recent rise of on-chain gaming and surge of new users allows us to come up with a way to scale our ambitious plan for GameFi. L2s were not entirely new in concept but Base solved the liquidity issue. Instead of having to hold another network token, you could just bridge your ETH on the Base network.

Friend.Tech is a SocialFi platform which was an early adopter of Base and showed users its capability of fast speeds and minimal gas costs. It's been an innovative platform in which socialising and decentralisation have been combined. Us, being supportive of decentralisation, realized this was the birth of a new revolution. L2s are a new beginning for Web3 games built on Ethereum. We realized the massive game economy we wanted to build could now finally happen with the new infrastructure. The complaints of high gas fees were over. The slow speed and high cost were no longer going to be an issue anymore.

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