🐾Milestone I - Pets

1ˢᵗ Milestone Feature

🍃 Tameable Creatures

We couldn't make an MMO without them, but here's our lil spin on it...

Pets in Descend Online aren't just glorified gifs, these are entities that will react to how you play the game and develop a unique behaviour pattern, akin to a personality, see ML Agents Pets will also offer certain perks/stats that can aid you in different ways in terms of exploration and combat (PvE & PvP), so they may become a necessity for min-maxing builds and late game events.

Due to their high cost, energy in obtaining, demand & scarcity, Pets are by design exclusive in nature, making them instant status symbols.


Pets randomly wander around the world, even in Eden! Others are hidden from poachers & hunters, and some are so rare that they only spawn within specific areas we will come to define in the pipeline. Also, each pet will have a unique base identity which not only creates novelty interactions and interesting characters but varying degrees of difficulties about their capture.

Gotta catch 'em all...

  1. Some animals love a certain food. Build trust by feeding them. Once fed enough food (some are resource fiends) it will begin to trust and follow you.

  2. Some wildlife must be caught by placing a trap and ensnaring it. With a chance for it to escape, creating a potentially expensive grind.

  3. Others require a magical relic that allows you to speak with the beast, where you must charm it with dialogue.

  4. Finally some creatures require a sacred instrument to enchant them with music.

Pets will have rarity tiers [WIP], which will also affect their combat prowess:

  • Common, Rare, Exotic, Mythic & Ascended.

And yes, you will be able to pet them... any of them. Pet them all.


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