The Heart of Descend Online

Rest here weary traveller...

Eden is the first town being built in Descend Online. Designed to be a chill, cozy and social central hub for the community. Large open worlds are cool but so are small towns, we won't be aimlessly filling the void with NPCs to make it feel alive, this is the heart and we will nurture it with love. In this comfy little town you will run into other players with ease - you can socialize, party up, and take on the world together or drift into the tavern before carrying on with your mysterious solo journey...

The MMO mindset tends to be creating massive open-worlds that generate novelty through player encounters throughout its vacuum. We understand this, but we simply want the beginning to feel less lonely. With motivated design & environmental narrative our goal is to make it feel truly alive, not just another set of assets or procedurally generate junk.

Eden's art direction may change, but its core value won't. The Heart.

[WIP] Guide

  1. Guilds/Quests: Guilds have always been a big part of any MMO, this area will remain the core hangout for people wishing to engage in group based activities. Community Board will be here for guilds to organize competitions against other guilds.

  2. Dungeons: A core part of Descend. You will be bringing your combat skills here against dynamic mobs (using AI and machine learning) within the dungeon. They're designed to be extremely difficult but also extremely addicting and intriguing, with the hope of finding rare loot.

  3. Bank: Items must be bridged inside the bank in order to trade them outside of the game. This is done to prevent exploits and item duping. A protective barrier between the game and the blockchain.

  4. PvP Arena: Where players can fight each other and risk items, particularly designed for streaming platforms.

  5. Degen Society: Only for the wealthiest, the $TEAR holders with the greatest amount staked will receive exclusive access to the Degen Society, opening a number of opportunities for only them to find out.

  6. Blacksmith: Upgrade your gear to undertake harder challenges and earn better loot.

  7. Boar Farm: Farm vital resources needed for character vitality and to descend into dungeons.

  8. Drop Party Hall: High level players want to be charitable in most MMOs. Influencers can host their own events and giveaway Descend Item prizes or $TEAR. Similar to Party Pete in OSRS.

  9. Market: The town centre where vendors will offer some convenient items and some extra $TEAR microtransaction functionality.

  10. Inn: A place to find new quest bounties and to socialise with your friends. We heard the beer at the Inn is great!

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