☄️Milestone II - Runes

2ⁿᵈ Milestone Feature

✨ Runes, Magic & Constellations.

Our Rune System is just like traditional RPG Skill Trees Containing a web of possibilities that let's players tinker & tailor their build, with $TEAR you can align yourself with the stars and chart your Descendant's destiny.

$TEAR can be used to unlock Runes in Star Charts. Each page has a limited amount of abilities so players will need to constantly acquire new rune pages and unlock new abilities. This will give you the satisfying grindy feeling of looking for a better page.

Each Rune Page unlocks a distinct set of abilities that players can customize to their playstyle. Rune Pages not only enhance the depth of combat but allows players to express their strategic ingenuity.

Using this system we are able to easily introduce new kinds of abilities in bundles of content that come with bosses and levels. Players will be able to hold multiple rune pages in their inventory with a max capacity. To raise this cap, $TEAR can be used.

...Rune Pages may be tradable as NFTs in the future!

For $TEAR Holders, what's it mean?

More tokens will be required to be burned in order to create Rune Pages. Different kinds of rune pages will constantly have to be grinded, meaning more $TEAR requiring to burn them. The amount of TEAR required to burn them will be variable.

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